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How Do People Prefer to Treat Allergies?

The season of runny noses and watery eyes is upon us once more--allergy season! Every year, millions of people suffer from seasonal allergies and every year there's a rush for over-the-counter and prescription remedies....

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ChickTech: High School

Increasing Gender Diversity in Tech with ChickTech and SurveyMonkey

We monkeys love the opportunity to support the innovative work that community groups are doing to get younger generations--girls in particular--pumped about technology. ChickTech is a non-profit organization based in Portland, Oregon and is dedicated to increasing...

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Does tech distract you while studying?

How is Technology Being Used in the Classroom?

If you’re a regular here (and we sure hope you are), then you know it’s no secret that we love to talk about education. And specifically, how technology in education plays a role both...

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Mud Race

Extreme Obstacle Races: Why We Pay For Pain

Every year, over two million people are willing to pay upwards of $150 to crawl through mud, jump through fire, hurdle themselves over walls, swim through ice water, and get shocked by electrical wires. This...

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Stephen & Dave

Colbert to Replace Letterman: What Will Fans Miss Most?

Big news, late night fans! Stephen Colbert has just been announced as David Letterman's replacement on the Late Show. Although it remains to be seen what this means for the direction of the show and it's...

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Survey Tips!

How to Remind Survey Respondents with the Email Invitation Collector

So there you are...It’s Monday morning. Coffee's in hand, computer's fired up. You excitedly open up your SurveyMonkey account to view the responses that have filled up your Analyze page over the weekend. You're...

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Hackathon Hat!

SurveyMonkey Hackathon: Episode IV

Not that long ago in the SurveyMonkey headquarters of Palo Alto in a galaxy not far away at all... Ok, so we can dial back on the epic space saga just a little bit but...

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