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SurveyMonkey Contribute: Who’s Donating to What?

Giving back to communities and donating to charities. We're passionate about both and this is why we created our member site, SurveyMonkey Contribute. With Contribute, members donate 50 cents to a charity of the survey taker's...

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Hurray! We’ve Raised $1 Million for Charity!

Well, folks--you did it. All of us here at SurveyMonkey are very excited and extremely proud to announce that we achieved the milestone of raising one million dollars for charity. Thanks to our amazing Contribute members...

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SurveyMonkey Contribute: Top Charitable Donations By Region

Every month, over 30 million people complete SurveyMonkey surveys. Among these survey takers, there's a substantial population who sign up for SurveyMonkey Contribute to take additional surveys. What's SurveyMonkey Contribute and why do people...

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Do Us a Flavor

Predicting Lay’s Next Potato Chip Flavor with SurveyMonkey Audience

When a company is about to send a new product out into the world, one of the first things they want to know is, “Will people like this?” Sometimes the most effective way to...

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Help Contribute!

Help Us Reach $1 Million in Donations!

Being able to run a business with a strong charity component has been something we hold very dear here at SurveyMonkey Contribute. We’re excited to be part of a growing number of companies that...

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How to Make Sure You Get Meaningful Responses: Avoid Direct Rewards

In a perfect world…Survey respondents would take surveys for free, putting a lot of thought into all of their responses. Survey creators would then get great data within hours, or even minutes, for free....

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Where Do Your SurveyMonkey Contribute Donations Go?

We just sent out our quarterly checks to our charity partners and are pleased to announce that our awesome SurveyMonkey Contribute members raised a grand total of $119,846 for the months of July to...

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