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3 Secrets Behind Uber’s Success in the Ridesharing Industry

Today, many marketers struggle to get good competitive data. Most companies have extensive data on their own customers, but understanding their competitors’ customers and the larger industry landscape can be challenging. We’ve run thousands of industry...

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Are Americans Worried About Their Cybersecurity?

From Sony's massive security breach to Target's credit card hack, businesses and organizations both large and small have definitely felt the burn when it comes to the dark side of cybersecurity, or lack thereof....

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The Top Consumer Review Sites That’ll Make or Break Your Business

So many consumer review sites, so little time to respond to negative (and positive!) reviews of your product or service. Where will your efforts help your brand the most? SurveyMonkey Audience teamed up with Blueshift...

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Obama Delivers State Of The Union Address To Joint Session Of Congress

Real Feedback, Really Fast: State of the Union Edition

For one night at least, President Obama’s ambitious agenda received broad public praise, according to an MSNBC/SurveyMonkey online survey. Big majorities of those tuning into his second to last State of the Union address...

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Concept Testing 101: How to Make Sure Your Big Idea Pays Off

You’ve got ideas. Big ideas. About new ads, products, marketing messaging, and more. But how do you know whether you’ve got a winning concept that’ll boost sales? We asked 500 marketing professionals how they know...

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Brand Report: See Who’s Giving PayPal a Run for Its Money

When it comes to the digital wallet industry, PayPal is one of the most recognizable brands. But with more and more consumers ditching paper and plastic for digital payment options, we wanted to know if PayPal has...

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Bug-eating, Hybrid-driving, Cable-cutters? See 2015’s Hottest Consumer Trends

What’s just as important as hitting your 2014 goals? Heading into 2015 with info on what consumers want---before your major competitors get it first. SurveyMonkey Audience and Blueshift Research (an investment research firm) have combined forces to deliver...

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