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Survey Science

How to Be Sure the Images in Your Survey Don’t Skew Your Results

When you're writing a survey, you probably consider how to write your questions so they don't bias your respondents. Because when you've got biased questions, you've got bad data. But did you know that...

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Huffed and He Puffed...

SurveyMonkey at College: Assessment Beyond the Obvious

Join us in welcoming back one of our guest bloggers--Dr. Erin Albert, author and college professor extraordinaire. She's here to share how surveys have helped her students at Butler University collect and assess data for...

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Monkey Interns!

So Long and Thank You, Interns!

Can it be? Another summer has gone by and that means we also must say so long to our troop of interns. This year, we said hello to our biggest group of Monkeys-in-Training yet. They certainly...

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Why “Select All” Makes Your Life Hard

We spend a lot of time on this blog telling you all about how a good survey is like a good conversation. Well, here’s the post where we rein it in a little. Sometimes,...

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Grand Valley State University Libraries: Using Surveys for Career Research

The Internet, the media--both print and rich--news channels, podcasts, YouTube, magazines, books...there's no lack of where to go to find information. Now say you're a college student and you've just received your first research paper assignment....

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Customer Spotlight on Dr. Erin Albert: Author of “Single. Women. Entrepreneurs.”

Quality data. Better decisions and faster results. These phrases are like beautiful music to our monkey ears and we're thankful that we get to help our customers make more informed decisions for whatever their...

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We Are Pleased to Introduce You to New Partner, GMO Research. Welcome!

Exciting news! We're proud to announce that we've signed a partnership agreement for a new panel service with GMO Research, an online research platform aimed at providing research solutions in Japan as well as...

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