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Menlo Park City School District Launches K-12 Parent Survey

All of us here at SurveyMonkey are passionate about education and supporting schools has always been a top priority. That’s why we partnered with Dr. Hunter Gehlbach of the Harvard Graduate School of Education...

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Education, The SurveyMonkey Way

Are you looking to gather information from students to help assess and improve the education they're receiving? Or is faculty satisfaction the key data you're looking to collect?  Or are you interested in the...

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Parent Volunteer Survey Example

It's hard to believe we're already mid-way through the current school year. Signs this is true are the flyers being sent home to recruit parent volunteers for Spring Celebration as well as the four tubs of frozen cookie dough that were just shoved into the freezer (purchased from the holiday fundraising drive). As more and more schools look to parent volunteers to run school programs, increase fundraising activities, and help support teachers in the classroom, we are seeing many schools turn to SurveyMonkey as a fast and easy way to reach out to parents, gather useful feedback, and even sign up volunteers....

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