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Mobile Devices

SurveyMonkey Audience Consumer Insights Tracking Study: January 2013

A new year brought new announcements from a lot of tech companies. Apple released their fourth quarter earnings among much anticipation from investors. Facebook introduced their new social graph search feature. BlackBerry unveiled its...

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SurveyMonkey Audience Consumer Insights Tracking Study: December 2012

Earlier this week, we talked about how consumers are looking more and more to social sites for gift-giving ideas. In this month's consumer insights study, SurveyMonkey Audience took a look at how often people...

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Gaming Consoles

SurveyMonkey Audience Consumer Insights Tracking Study: November 2012

Now that the gift-giving season is officially here, you may have noticed other shoppers strolling into your local business and paying with a daily deal like those offered by Groupon or Living Social. So what...

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SurveyMonkey Audience Consumer Insights Tracking Study: October 2012

What do Netflix subscriptions, mobile video gaming usage, and casual dining restaurants have in common? Besides sounding like the ingredients to an awesome Saturday night, they're all key players in the SurveyMonkey Audience Consumer Insights Tracking Study. We...

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Not likely to subscribe

The SurveyMonkey Audience Monthly Tracker: July 2012

Last month, we introduced a new project of ours; a monthly tracker to keep up to date with trends in media, leisure, technology and shopping trends over time. We'll be running this same survey once a...

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Introducing the SurveyMonkey Audience Monthly Tracker

Here at SurveyMonkey, we’re big on feedback. There’s nothing we love more than hearing opinions, perspectives, and reactions from the public—whether you’re gathering valuable customer feedback for your candy business, conducting your own market...

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