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Research & Data

Know Your Audience: The Importance of Collecting Unbiased Feedback

While it may seem counterintuitive, your existing fans aren’t always the best resource to get unbiased feedback about your products. They’ve already self-identified as believers in your message and fans of your product. Consequently, they...

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How Surveys Help Make Design & Business Decisions at Modify Watches

As you know, we monkeys really dig data. Not just any data either--we're talking about high quality, useful and actionable data. The motivating, inspiring kind of feedback that leads to better and more informed...

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Cyberposium 18

Subscription Business Models: Evolution or Fad? SurveyMonkey’s Brent Chudoba Speaks at Harvard’s Cyberposium

When it comes to Internet business models with recurring revenue, both investors' and entrepreneurs' ears tend to perk up. A frequent topic at industry and business school events, many future leaders are eager to...

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