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2 Tips for Writing Agree/Disagree Survey Questions

Your healthcare provider cares about you---and they also care that you come back. So after a doctor visit, many of you may receive a feedback survey asking about your experience. A key question might...

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Sarah Cho, our Survey Pro

Survey Makeover Episode 3: The Importance of Question Order

Did you know that a survey is like a good book? It’s true! And in our latest episode of Survey Makeover (hosted by our very own Sarah Cho, the Survey Pro), we’ll explain what...

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Open-ended responses

How to Make Sense of Open-ended Responses

Greetings, dear customers! The brand new Survey Research team here at SurveyMonkey is making its official debut on the blog today and we couldn’t be more excited to share best practices and tips with...

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Sarah Cho

Our Methodologist Named President of Survey Research Association, PAPOR

Our goal is to help you make better and smarter decisions thanks to the real, actionable data collected from the surveys that you create. Sharing best practices in survey design and how to write...

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Welcome to the Monkey, Jon!

Jon Cohen Joins the Monkey as VP of Survey Research

I’m pleased to begin 2014 with some exciting news! Jon Cohen has joined our team as VP of Survey Research---a new department within SurveyMonkey dedicated to survey quality. Before joining the team, Jon was...

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Survey Science

The N/A Answer Choice: When It’s Good To Use & When It’s Not

Imagine this. You're a product engineer for an automobile company; you've just finished designing the latest lineup of cars (congrats!) and now you need to figure out how to market your new brand to...

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Monkey Interns!

So Long and Thank You, Interns!

Can it be? Another summer has gone by and that means we also must say so long to our troop of interns. This year, we said hello to our biggest group of Monkeys-in-Training yet. They certainly...

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