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SurveyMonkey Audience Helps Find the Perfect Gift for That Special Someone

Oh-ho-ho, it's that most wonderful time of the year and it's (gulp) already here. Are you ready? For those of us who haven't yet found The Perfect Gift for That Special Someone, it may...

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Thank You for an Amazing 2012!

This year has flown by! All of us here at SurveyMonkey can't believe how fast 2012 seems to have come to an end. This year saw the arrival of many exciting new product updates like...

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Team Bonobo

A Word of Thanks: An Installment from the Code-Monkey Corner

For our latest installment from the Code-Monkey Corner, we had a conversation with our amazing Director of Engineering, Will in order to find out more about what his engineering team (they call themselves the...

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Girls, Geeks, and Monkeys–What Could Be Better?

There was food; there were drinks; and there were lots and lots of geeks. What was the occasion? None other than a Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner, hosted by SurveyMonkey! The room was abuzz as our...

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Internships at SurveyMonkey

Before we say goodbye to 2011, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate our summer interns.  They were an amazing bunch!  And, before they went back to school, they wrote this post that...

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Welcome Zoomerang, ZoomPanel and TrueSample!

We’re expanding the Monkey family!  We have not just one, but THREE new additions joining the team – Zoomerang, ZoomPanel and TrueSample.  These are three great products that we’re excited to bring you as...

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Codemonkeys at PloneCon

A few weeks back, several of us codemonkeys participated in PloneCon in San Francisco.  Plone, the software, is an open source content management system built on the grand-daddy of all Python web frameworks: the open source application...

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