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Smartphone User Survey: What Do Smartphone Consumers Really Want?

SurveyMonkey CEO Dave Goldberg surveyed attendees at the 2014 Mobile World Congress and found that in spite of some mind-blowing new features, smartphone consumers would easily sacrifice big screens and underwater cameras for just...

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Is Apple Still Cool?

Is Apple Still the Cool Kid On the Tech Block?

With last month’s release of new iPhones and most recently, the announcement of upgrades to the iPad, we wanted to find out how likely consumers would be to purchase Apple’s latest gadget. And also–Is Apple still cool? Our...

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How to Make Sure You Get Meaningful Responses: Avoid Direct Rewards

In a perfect world…Survey respondents would take surveys for free, putting a lot of thought into all of their responses. Survey creators would then get great data within hours, or even minutes, for free....

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But I don't drink wine!

Keep Your Survey Responses Relevant: Say Hello to Skip Logic

Imagine that you’re talking to your friend, Wendy. She brings up wine tasting and asks which vineyards you have visited. You politely reply that you don’t drink so you've never been. Wendy, however, keeps...

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Mobile Phones for Business

Bring Your Own Device to Work, Consumers Weigh In On Mobile Phone Options

Yesterday, our chief monkey Dave Goldberg, appeared on Bloomberg West with Emily Chang for January's SurveyMonkey Shakedown segment to talk about the workplace trend of using personal mobile devices. This month's survey also focused...

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iPhone 5 Rumored Features: A SurveyMonkey Audience Wish List

Ever since the introduction on the original iPhone back in 2007 we’ve come to expect the mass hysteria that ensues weeks prior to Apple’s announcement of a new iteration of the device. This week...

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