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To Reward, or Not to Reward?

Everyone would like response rates to be as close to 100% as possible. Higher response rates mean we bother fewer people while carrying out our research, and typically our costs of gathering those responses...

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Academic Research on Use of Incentives in Surveys

If you are interested in understanding the impact of using incentives in surveys, following is a summary of academic literature that covers the topic quite well. The Effects of Lottery Incentive and Length of Questionnaire...

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4 Interesting Surveys (with Benefits)

Some of us like to take surveys. Just because. And it may come as no surprise that there are a disproportionate number of us who fall into that bucket here at SurveyMonkey. But we realize that sometimes, a little kicker included makes a survey, well...even more fun. Here are four interesting surveys recently tweeted out that are great on their own, but also come with added benefits...

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Customer Spotlight: Melissa Kim from

What happens when you mix a passion for great design with a love of good data? You end up building a unique business with a devoted customer base and loyal, global community of talented designers. We sat down with Melissa Kim, Vice President of Marketing at, to better understand how the Minted team has used SurveyMonkey not only to gather insights, but to converse with customers and designers alike....

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