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3 Easy Ways to Make Your Next Event a Hit

Planning an event—whether it’s for twenty 4-year olds or thousands of Fortune 500 employees—can be completely overwhelming. That's where SurveyMonkey comes in. Consider us the best event coordinator you never have to hire. Read...

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What Can You Learn in One Question?

Short can be sweet. These five savvy surveyors show that you can learn a lot by asking a single question...

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Customer Service Feedback Survey Example

Gathering feedback when it's fresh is always a good idea. When it comes to customer service, the freshest feedback often comes right after you've finished helping a customer with her issue. That's a good...

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4 Interesting Surveys (with Benefits)

Some of us like to take surveys. Just because. And it may come as no surprise that there are a disproportionate number of us who fall into that bucket here at SurveyMonkey. But we realize that sometimes, a little kicker included makes a survey, well...even more fun. Here are four interesting surveys recently tweeted out that are great on their own, but also come with added benefits...

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Angie and Tom

Tom & Angie’s Wedding Planning Survey

Girl hears Boy playing guitar in park. Girl meets Boy. Boy and Girl fall in love. Boy asks Girl to marry him. She says "Yes!" so they do what every couple does next...they create...

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Coachability’s Customer Feedback Survey as an Example

Who among us hasn’t needed or wanted career guidance from time to time? 360 reviews and performance feedback help point us in the right direction. And in certain cases, a professional coach can really...

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Memonic’s Customer Feedback Survey as an Example

We posted yesterday that the Memonic team had sent out a pretty nifty customer feedback survey and wrote up some best practices on their blog. Well, they have generously agreed to share their survey...

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