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Beautifully Engaging Emails: Emma and SurveyMonkey Integrate

“Fashions fade, style is eternal”. – Yves Saint Laurent We've got beauty on the brain over here at SurveyMonkey and so we're thrilled to introduce you to Emma--a professional, polished solution to email marketing. In no...

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Mad Mimi’s Dean Levitt Explains: 5 Ways To Keep The E-Love Alive

Relationships are hard and require a lot of effort. According to every TV marriage counselor ever, the main problem between two people is that one of 'em just doesn't listen to the other. The...

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Put a Survey on It: Our Revamped MailChimp Integration

We are huge fans of the offbeat comedy, Portlandia. Not only is it hilarious sketch comedy at its finest, but it highlights Portland, a city that is near and dear to our heart, since...

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