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How Surveys Help Make Design & Business Decisions at Modify Watches

As you know, we monkeys really dig data. Not just any data either--we're talking about high quality, useful and actionable data. The motivating, inspiring kind of feedback that leads to better and more informed...

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Measure Customer Feedback Chart 1

Do You Measure Customer Satisfaction? Our Study Says You Should.

According to our recent survey, the secret to your success could be measuring customer satisfaction. What about hard work, smart ideas, and perseverance? Those things all matter too, but it looks like listening to...

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Listen, Learn, Live: “Increasing Customer Loyalty One Survey at a Time”

Survey methodology and design. Analytics. Making customers happy. Keep 'em coming, these are phrases we here at SurveyMonkey just love to hear, see, speak--you name it. Nashville-based Listen, Learn, Live LLC--a customer experience consulting company--shares...

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Bonjour! Hallo! ¡Hola! Question Bank Goes International

Here at SurveyMonkey, we understand that sometimes creating surveys can seem a little overwhelming at first. You might have any number of questions swirling around before getting that first question down like--Where do I...

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Hurray! We’ve Answered Our One Millionth Customer Email!

We really love questions over here at SurveyMonkey--the more questions, the better. Our incredible Customer Engagement monkeys in our Portland and Lisbon offices work hard every day around the clock to answer each and...

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Antal Russia

Spotlight on Antal Russia: How an International Recruitment Firm Uses SurveyMonkey

Last fall, our main monkey Dave Goldberg, had the honor of speaking at the technology and entrepreneurship conference--Digital October--located in the heart of Moscow. During his time there, Dave had the opportunity to meet...

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Thank You for an Amazing 2012!

This year has flown by! All of us here at SurveyMonkey can't believe how fast 2012 seems to have come to an end. This year saw the arrival of many exciting new product updates like...

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