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Surveys in Action: Recent Favorites from Our Customers

You’re pretty impressive. You, dear customers, have been creating some pretty incredible surveys. And we’ve definitely been noticing. Every day, we get the privilege of seeing tons of thoughtfully crafted, well-designed surveys. So, rather than keep...

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Customer Spotlight on Birds In the Hand: Making Apps for Birders by Birders

We here at SurveyMonkey of course have big love for all things monkey but we've got plenty more to share with our fine feathered friends-- birds! We're excited to shine our latest customer spotlight on...

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What Day of the Week Should You Send Your Survey?

You’ve written your questions. You’ve configured your survey logic. You’ve even had your colleagues take a spin through to make sure everything is working just right. You’re about to launch your survey, but maybe...

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What Can You Learn in One Question?

Short can be sweet. These five savvy surveyors show that you can learn a lot by asking a single question...

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Friday Roundup: 10 Cool Surveys (You Can Answer)

We've started to share survey examples this week to give you an idea of the various ways customers use SurveyMonkey to gather data and feedback to make better decisions. But there is no better way to show the power of SurveyMonkey and the amazing things you can learn, then to show real examples of customer surveys. Below are 10 cool surveys customers have recently tweeted out. So go ahead, take a look to see how they are using SurveyMonkey and while you're here, help them with their research....

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