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Asking for Customer Feedback Improves Customer Retention. Period!

Sending feedback surveys to customers helps your organization thrive, says a new study--even if customers aren't actually completing them. Really! Research conducted by Rice University Professor Dr. Paul Dholakia and Dr. Vicki Morwitz and published...

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Infographic: Are People Taking Your Customer Feedback Surveys Seriously?

Most people say they've been asked to take a customer feedback survey--but are they actually completing them? Using SurveyMonkey Audience, we asked more than 400 people to tell us when, how, and why they're...

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The Key to a Lifelong Customer? Meet Their Four Expectations

Across industries, you know that on the most basic level, providing good customer service is all about meeting customer expectations. But do you know what makes for excellent customer service? New research reveals that...

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The Best Way to Map the Customer Journey: Take a Walk in Their Shoes

How do you know what your really customers want? Sales, quality products and services, good customer service--sure. But what happens when you think you're offering your customers the moon (and more) but they still...

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Speedy Response Time

Have a Question? We’ve Got Answers–In Less Than 60 Minutes!

Guess what, survey fans? In the spirit of the season, we're excited to present an early holiday gift for you--the gift of speed! What do we mean exactly? Well, you already know that we're in...

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Listen, Learn, Live: “Increasing Customer Loyalty One Survey at a Time”

Survey methodology and design. Analytics. Making customers happy. Keep 'em coming, these are phrases we here at SurveyMonkey just love to hear, see, speak--you name it. Nashville-based Listen, Learn, Live LLC--a customer experience consulting company--shares...

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Customer Spotlight on Birds In the Hand: Making Apps for Birders by Birders

We here at SurveyMonkey of course have big love for all things monkey but we've got plenty more to share with our fine feathered friends-- birds! We're excited to shine our latest customer spotlight on...

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