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You're Invited!

‘Tis the Season…For Entertaining!

Celebrating the season of giving with loved ones is one of the best parts about this time of year and what better way to do that than by throwing a seriously fun party? Family and... Read More


It’s Vacation Time! How Travel App Uses SurveyMonkey Audience to Measure Travelers’ Needs

The first official day of summer's nearly here and we just can't stop thinking about how excited we are to relax under the sun and enjoy the longer nights. Like many of you, we... Read More


Brand New Survey Questions & Templates Ready To Go in Question Bank

Writing a survey can sometimes feel a little tough. Say you've got your goal in mind, you know what you want to ask your respondents but just feeling a bit stumped on how to... Read More

Where's the love?

Where Is the Love: Is Dating As We Know it Still Alive?

Well hello there, Cupid! Valentine's Day is right around the corner and whether you're partnered up or free as a bird--swapping stories of first love, sharing those butterfly-in-the-stomach moments or comparing awesome/bad first date... Read More

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SurveyMonkey Audience Webinar Series: How to Design a Successful Survey

Picture this: You're sitting in front of your computer. Snacks within reach. Caffeine at the ready. SurveyMonkey.com fired up and good to go. Ready, set, survey! But wait, what if you're sitting there thinking, I... Read More

Organic fruit and vegetables

Research Suggests Organic Food May Not Be Healthier After All; Will This Change Shoppers’ Food Choices?

With Thanksgiving nearly upon us, there’s one thing on our minds over here at SurveyMonkey—food. And recently, the topic of organic food in particular, has become a part of the national conversation. At one time,... Read More

Inspired? Create your own survey.

Inspired? Create your own survey.