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Presidential Poll Tracker, Part 6: Election Day Wrap-up

Now that the campaigns have officially come to a close, and the election results are in, we finally have our moment of truth here at SurveyMonkey for how closely our polling data estimated the... Read More

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Presidential Poll Tracker, Part 2

Last week, we unveiled a special project we've been working on--our effort to estimate voting preferences in the upcoming election. We reported that of the 810,477 likely voters who completed the survey, 47.1% planned on voting... Read More

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Presidential Poll Tracker, SurveyMonkey Style

Picture this. You’re curled up in bed watching the nightly news...“Obama is leading in the polls!” says a pundit decisively. When a commercial comes on, you change the channel. “Romney has a massive lead... Read More

Stop Satisficers From Wreaking Havoc On Your Survey Results

Often, all researchers see when evaluating the outcome of a study are survey results. Underneath any mean, however, there are genuine responses, as well as those that were made haphazardly, without careful thought. We... Read More

Putting Matrix Grids to the Test

When creating questions for your survey, you may be tempted to put them in matrix grids. After all, they’re faster and easier to create, and studies have found that respondents fill them out more... Read More


Just Back from the ESOMAR 3D Conference

Two weeks ago, I attended the ESOMAR 3D conference. About half of the conference was dedicated to presentations that focused on an emerging method to get people more engaged as research study participants. Another... Read More


Do They Really Want a Coffee Maker?

The center of any scientific endeavor typically features two smaller questions; a) are these two groups different and b) how would we know if any differences we observe are actually real? For example, if... Read More

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Inspired? Create your own survey.