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WATCH: How to Use the New and Improved Email Invitation Collector

Congrats to you, dear survey designer. You've finished creating your survey. Your i's are dotted, t's are crossed, you've added "Other" as an answer choice and gotten rid of those pesky matrix questions. So now...

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Survey Tips and Tricks: How to Export Your Data

The most important part of your survey is your data. Think of it as the pot of gold at the end of the survey rainbow. It’s a precious treasure that you definitely want to...

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SurveyMonkey Contribute: Top Charitable Donations By Region

Every month, over 30 million people complete SurveyMonkey surveys. Among these survey takers, there's a substantial population who sign up for SurveyMonkey Contribute to take additional surveys. What's SurveyMonkey Contribute and why do people...

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How many times do you look in the mirror a year?

The Whole (Behavioral) Truth and Nothing But the Truth? Not Likely…

Hey there friendly blog reader, we're taking a survey! 1. How many times did you look in the mirror last year? 2. How many times did you go to the gym last week? Go ahead and think...

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Hurray! We’ve Answered Our One Millionth Customer Email!

We really love questions over here at SurveyMonkey--the more questions, the better. Our incredible Customer Engagement monkeys in our Portland and Lisbon offices work hard every day around the clock to answer each and...

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Website embed

How to Embed Your Survey on a Website

Where’s the best place to share a survey? Well, here at SurveyMonkey, we think pretty much anywhere. While it’s a cinch to take a web link (a collector that’s automatically generated and easily shared) and post it...

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Green Roof

Happy Earth Day! How Ecologists Are Using Surveys to Support Urban Green Roof Architecture

It's Mother Nature's big day--Earth Day! Here to talk with us about how surveys are helping advance their research on green roofs in urban environments are Mark Simmons, PhD, Director of Ecosystem Design Group at the Lady...

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