Surveys in Action: Recent Favorites from Our Customers

Surveys in Action: Recent Favorites from Our Customers
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You’re pretty impressive. You, dear customers, have been creating some pretty incredible surveys. And we’ve definitely been noticing. Every day, we get the privilege of seeing tons of thoughtfully crafted, well-designed surveys. So, rather than keep all these impressive projects to ourselves, we’ve decided to start showing off some of your hard work and explaining why we think they’re great. We’ve gathered up a few of our recent favorites, so take a look and get inspired!

Survey Name: US Consumer Law Attorney Fee Survey
Survey Creator: Burdge Law Office
Survey Goals: To better understand the economics of practicing consumer law in the US.
Why We Like It: This survey has a fantastic introduction page–something that respondents appreciate. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of adding questions, but taking the time to explain what your survey is trying to accomplish can help improve the experience for those completing it. By using the Descriptive Text option, Burdge Law Office is able to explain to the survey’s respondents what kinds of questions will be asked, how long it will take to complete, and assures the anonymity of responses. The verdict’s in and the jury agreed, this is one stellar survey!

















Survey Name: CCU Focus Group Survey
Survey Creator: College Credit Union
Survey Goals: To measure product and service feedback, market awareness of credit unions and marketing channels.
Why We Like It: This survey does a great job of taking advantage of Question Bank—our library consisting of thousands of questions, pre-written by our team of methodologists. In addition to providing you with questions written to minimize bias, using Question Bank can also save you time. This survey does a great job of using both original questions and some from Question Bank–making a well-rounded and well-written survey, sure to provide results you can take to the bank!



















Survey Name: Front Desk Sign-In
Survey Creator: Philander Smith College
Survey Goals: To capture the information of the tutors, students, professors, and mentors that visit the Academic Success Center sees.
Why We Like It: We always love hearing about inventive uses for surveys and this is a classic example! The Academic Success Center at Philander Smith College has created a survey that acts as Front Desk Sign-In. Not only does this allow the Center’s staff keep track of the students coming in and out of their office, but also which tutor they’re meeting with, and the topic they’re studying. All this data is collected and easily accessible within their SurveyMonkey account. This survey idea gets an A+ from us!















Survey Name: Where in the World?
Survey Creator: HF Holidays
Survey Goals: To gauge customer demand on desirable travel destinations.
Why We Like It: In addition to uploading a logo, using customized survey themes, and including lots of images of exotic locations, this survey does a great job of determining customer demand regarding preferred travel locations. Also, the survey acts as a lead generation form by collecting email addresses from customers, so the team at HF Holidays can reach out directly to respondents with potential travel plans. We’re sold—take us away on holiday!
























And last but not least, the importance of adding a strong conclusion to your survey!

Survey Name: Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council Stakeholder Survey
Survey Creator: Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council
Survey Goals: To create awareness and learn which of the organization’s communication efforts are effective.
Why We Like It:  As we like to say, surveys are a conversation. And you wouldn’t just end a conversation without saying good-bye, right? The same goes for surveys. This survey ends by thanking respondents for their participation, explaining why their input is so valuable, and, perhaps most importantly, encouraging them to learn more by providing a link to the organization’s website.  Another way to reel ‘em in!














That’s it for this round of stellar customer surveys. Think you’ve got a winner? Share it with us in the comments section below and maybe next time we’ll be singing your praises.

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Inspired? Create your own survey.

Inspired? Create your own survey.