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How to Transfer Surveys From One Account to Another

Do you or your business ever find yourselves thinking--“Wow, how in the world did I end up with so many SurveyMonkey accounts? Please tell me there's a hassle-free way to move surveys from my...

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Within & Between Subjects

A Closer Look at Two Survey Design Styles: Within-Subjects & Between-Subjects

Here in Silicon Valley, it seems like everybody’s got a startup. And one of the most important things about making your startup a success is getting the word out. Let’s say you’re gearing up to...

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Chris Bischof of Eastside Prep

Introducing Chris Bischof, Principal of Eastside College Prep

Last week, we were honored to have Chris Bischof--co-founder and principal of Palo Alto's Eastside College Preparatory School--visit us here at SurveyMonkey for our monthly Speaker Series event. Eastside College Prep's mission? In the school's own words: "...we...

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E-books vs. Print Books

Print Books vs. E-books: What’s the Future of Reading?

A book a day keeps the doctor away. Isn't that how the saying goes? Well maybe not, but everyone knows that reading's definitely good for you. Although it may be a little harder to...

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Customer Spotlight on weeSpring: Get Baby Advice From Your Friends

The Accidental Entrepreneur. This is how Allyson Downey, co-founder of weeSpring, describes herself. The first time mom found herself stuck on this idea--there had to be an easier and more efficient way to figure...

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Once Upon a Time...

Looks Do Matter: Survey Formatting Made Easy

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Solid advice. However, we’ve all found our eyes inexplicably drawn to that book with the flashy, brightly colored cover. But being affected by looks doesn’t stop there....

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Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 10.53.27 AM

Video Tutorial: How to Embed Videos in Your Survey

Are you an aspiring filmmaker? An iMovie pro? Or maybe you're just a YouTube fiend. It's no secret--video is in demand! And lately, we've been getting lot of requests from some cinema-savvy customers who would...

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