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Election Data

Presidential Poll Tracker, Part 2

Last week, we unveiled a special project we've been working on--our effort to estimate voting preferences in the upcoming election. We reported that of the 810,477 likely voters who completed the survey, 47.1% planned on voting...

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Eventbrite Partnership Makes It Easy to Gather Event Feedback

SurveyMonkey and Eventbrite believe in the power of event feedback and have integrated to make it even easier to get insights from your attendees. Eventbrite helps you easily organize, promote and sell tickets to an...

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SurveyMonkey Analyze BETA…Now with Exports!

Several months ago, we introduced our Analyze BETA, providing a new, better way to analyze your survey results. We’ve been listening to your feedback and working on adding all the features you need to...

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Introducing Project Summary Reports: the Latest and Greatest from SurveyMonkey Audience

Do you like data? Do you like infographics? Do you like SurveyMonkey Audience? Well, then we’ve got some great news for you! Now, every time you launch a survey and collect responses using SurveyMonkey Audience (our product...

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It's Your Business

JJ Ramberg’s Essential Advice for Small Business Owners

Are you a business owner? Have great idea for a startup? Looking for a way to give your company a competitive edge? Either way, it's no secret that we here at SurveyMonkey consider ourselves to be...

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Presidential Poll Tracker, SurveyMonkey Style

Picture this. You’re curled up in bed watching the nightly news...“Obama is leading in the polls!” says a pundit decisively. When a commercial comes on, you change the channel. “Romney has a massive lead...

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Online dating

Is Love Blind? Online Dating and the Deceptive Art of Attraction

Recently, I came across an article about how a top online dating site was hiding its less attractive members from its good-looking ones through complex algorithms and codes. At first, I was shocked to think...

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