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iPhone 5 Release Feedback, Most Customers Will Buy in Next 6 Months

Yesterday our chief monkey Dave Goldberg went to Bloomberg West for his monthly SurveyMonkey Shakedown segment and chatted with Willow Bay about the new iPhone 5. This month’s survey focused on what people think...

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Voto Latino

Get out the Vote! SurveyMonkey and Voto Latino Join Up for National Voter Registration Day

It’s National Voter Registration Day! In 2008, 6 million Americans didn't vote because they missed a registration deadline or didn't know how to register. In 2012, SurveyMonkey has joined up with Voto Latino to...

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Best Dressed in Yellow

Live from the Red Carpet: SurveyMonkey Audience Rates Fashion Trends at the Emmy Awards

For most, September marks the end of summer as we head back to school, return to work after vacations, and pull out sweaters and scarves in anticipation of fall. And for many of us, it...

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Welcome to SurveyMonkey: A Note for Zoomerang Account Holders

It’s finally time for Zoomerang and SurveyMonkey to join forces. We’re committed to providing you with the very best in survey tools and analytics, so over the past few months, we’ve been working hard...

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pulling names from a hat

Random(ish) Sampling: Balancing the Ideal and the Real

So you’ve got your survey hot off the presses and ready to launch. There’s just one problem…who do you send it to? Past blog posts have talked about what a “sample” of a population is...

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Website Research Made Simple: SurveyMonkey & Warp Integration

Have you ever had a question about your customers that could be quickly answered with a simple SurveyMonkey survey on your website? Have you ever wanted to poll users about a new feature on your...

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iPhone 5 Rumored Features: A SurveyMonkey Audience Wish List

Ever since the introduction on the original iPhone back in 2007 we’ve come to expect the mass hysteria that ensues weeks prior to Apple’s announcement of a new iteration of the device. This week...

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