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Online Bookseller Uses Surveys to Create Virtual Bookshop Assistant

At Inpress, it’s our mission to build the United Kingdom's largest online store of artisan, literary books and magazines, and make them all available to anyone, anywhere in the world. We stock over 4,000 books,...

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Mobile Phone Payments

Mobile Payment Systems and Their Rise in Popularity

Yesterday, our chief monkey, Dave Goldberg, appeared on Bloomberg West with Emily Chang in our monthly segment, SurveyMonkey Shakedown. This month's survey focused on mobile payment systems--addressing their rise in popularity, concerns the public...

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Social media conversations

Supercharge Your Social Media with SurveyMonkey!

Here at SurveyMonkey, we like to think of surveys as a conversation. There’s a dialog that occurs between survey creators and takers—providing unique insights and valuable information. So, it makes sense we’re seeing increasing...

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Microsoft Logos

Gathering Consumer Reactions to Microsoft’s New Logo

On August 23rd, 2012, tech giant Microsoft simultaneously announced and unveiled its shiny new logo. Unchanged for the past 25 years, the new logo has stirred up a great deal of discussion. The blogs,...

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Mike D

Listening and Learning: Insights from an UX Designer (and Occasional Pirate)

Meet Mike. In his free time, he likes to sail the high seas and search for hidden treasure, but when he takes his pirate hat off, he's a member of the User Experience (UX)...

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When Words Count Retreat

Innovative Writer Services Company Uses SurveyMonkey Audience to Test Startup Assumptions, Tweak Offerings

When Words Count Retreat, a startup in the writer services market, wanted to gain deep, timely market insight prior to launching a new writers’ retreat in Vermont and finalizing its plans for a unique,...

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Coffee chart

Satisfaction Surveys: How to Say What You Mean

If you're thinking about measuring customer satisfaction, you're in good company. One study showed that businesses who measure their customers' satisfaction tend to be more successful companies that don't. But what do you need...

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