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Outside Lands

Outside Lands Draws Music Fans (and Monkeys)

We monkeys love to dance and will take any excuse to play around outside, so when we heard about this year’s Outside Lands Music Festival, we stopped monkeying around and started making plans! Outside Lands...

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True Sample

Managing Survey Response Quality with Category and Method Exclusions

The TrueSample team is continually exploring the nuances of survey data quality that impact the results of online market research.  Our goal is to continue to ask questions and explore the possibilities as we guide the industry in assuring the...

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Colorful Questions

Frequent Surveys Make a Big Difference, Ask Early and Often

You’re about to release a new product and you’re itching to find out what people will think of it. A quick survey of your customer base shows that 95% of people love the idea...

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Get Creative and Use SurveyMonkey for More Than Just Surveys

As you know by now, SurveyMonkey is great at helping you create, send and analyze surveys. But recently, we’ve been noticing that some of you have been getting pretty creative with your surveys! Since...

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SurveyMonkey Hackathon 2.0

Recently, we had our second Hackathon here at SurveyMonkey, where my fellow Monkeys were given 24 hours to create a new product or feature of their choosing. During the Hackathon, anything is fair game—including...

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Dr. L 2

Video Tutorial: 5 Questions to Ask for a Successful Survey

A few weeks ago, SurveyMonkey's senior methodologist Dr. Liana Epstein, shared the 5 questions you need to ask yourself before you send out your survey. As she explained, when getting ready to create a survey,...

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Contribute on Facebook

A Great Big Thanks to Contribute Members (And How to Share Your Support)

Every quarter is better and better it seems, here at SurveyMonkey Contribute. We didn’t think we could outdo last quarter when we broke our record in donation amounts. But, we continue to be delightfully surprised!...

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