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The Online Research Data Quality Problem: Is it the Respondent or the Survey?

Hate the player or hate the game?  Depending on where their loyalties lie, people may fall into either camp when they consider the issue of how to maintain the data quality of online research – either...

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Making Sense of the Numbers: When to Embrace Relativity, and When to Ignore It

You pull up a chair to your desk, and open up the brand new data file you’ve just downloaded from SurveyMonkey. Ah. Nothing like the smell of new data! Anyway, you open up the...

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Introducing the SurveyMonkey Audience Monthly Tracker

Here at SurveyMonkey, we’re big on feedback. There’s nothing we love more than hearing opinions, perspectives, and reactions from the public—whether you’re gathering valuable customer feedback for your candy business, conducting your own market...

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ENTRAJUDA Connects Their Non-Profit Network With Surveys

ENTRAJUDA is a Portuguese non-profit organization, launched in 2004 to support non-profit organizations that received food aid from the Food Bank. These organizations, managed with the "heart" and mostly linked to the church, struggled...

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“What’s Your Two Cents?” SurveyMonkey Makes Getting Input Easy for Santa Clara County

          What contributes most to your quality of life? How would you rate your overall health? How safe or unsafe do you feel in your neighborhood? How much of a problem do you think discrimination is in...

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Education, The SurveyMonkey Way

Are you looking to gather information from students to help assess and improve the education they're receiving? Or is faculty satisfaction the key data you're looking to collect?  Or are you interested in the...

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Make HR Feedback a Top Priority

Here at SurveyMonkey, we’re pretty into data and the insights that can be gained by analyzing it. We see every day how much value this kind of self-awareness brings to a business or organization....

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