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Do Americans Fear the Future?

Receiving an award for doing something great is par for the course, right? Well, what about awards for the not-so-great or for the downright awful?

From customer service to Hollywood, public pats on the back for...

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Do Americans Care About Drones?

Drones. Once only part of sci-fi films and futuristic worlds, drones are now on the rise...both literally and figuratively.

An increasing number of industries have begun to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones for...

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Man giving lecture to three people in computer room

3 Things Employers Need to Know About Millennials

It’s common knowledge that millennials are tech-savvy, educated, and struggling to achieve financial independence.

And they’ve also earned a reputation for job-hopping. According to a recent study by Red Brick Research, more than half (53%) of hiring managers...

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