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2 Graphs That Show How Divided Each Political Party Has Gotten

2 Graphs That Show How Divided Each Political Party Has Gotten

At this point in the campaign, perceptions of the degree to which the two parties are divided or unified are something of a paradox.

Partisans on both sides are mostly unified around the two likely nominees, yet they perceive their respective parties as still divided (though they see the divisions as greater for the Republicans, and growing).

More specifically, Clinton’s lead in the matchup against Trump results partly from her winning slightly more support from Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents (90%) than Trump wins from Republicans and Republican-leaning independents (86%).

Despite this consolidation, 88% of all voters (and almost as many Republicans) see the GOP as divided, while 73% of voters see division among the Democrats.


A bigger problem for the Republicans may be pessimism that their perceived divide will heal anytime soon. More than half of all voters—61%, up from 55% in late May—believe the Republicans will still be divided in November. Among Republicans and Republican leaners, 40% think the party will still be split in November, up from 34% in the past month.

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