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Why Elizabeth Warren Would be a Great Running Mate for Clinton

Why Elizabeth Warren Would be a Great Running Mate for Clinton

Now that Hillary Clinton has attained the status of presumptive nominee, speculation about her choice for a vice-presidential running mate should begin in earnest.

One name that has garnered much attention – and is likely already on Clinton’s short list – is Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

SurveyMonkey’s latest Election Tracking poll shows why Clinton may want to invite Warren to join an historic all ­female ticket.

Warren’s strong image with her party’s liberal wing could help Clinton heal the ideological divisions that were inflamed by tough primary fights with Bernie Sanders. That might help increase her currently narrow lead against Donald Trump.

Registered voters nationwide divide almost evenly in their opinions on Warren. Just under half (45%) view her favorably, and another 44% view her unfavorably.

Those numbers may seem less than stellar, but in the current polarized political climate, her 45% favorable rating is better than what voters gave either Clinton (38%) or Trump (36%) just a week ago.warren_favorability

Warren’s greatest asset, however, may be her standing within the currently divided Democratic party. Warren’s favorable rating is just as strong among Democrats and Democratic­ leaning independents who support Clinton in the primaries (74% favorable, 18% unfavorable) as among those who support Sanders (70% favorable, 23% unfavorable).

More specifically, Warren earns net positive numbers from Sanders supporters in the primary who say they are currently undecided about the Clinton-­Trump contest (62% rate Warren favorably, 26% unfavorably). Warren’s numbers are similarly positive among the Sanders Democrats who currently lean to Trump (58% favorable, 37% unfavorable).

More than half of Sanders supporters (55%) rate Clinton unfavorably, and nearly a quarter (23%) say their impression is strongly unfavorable. Selecting Warren as a running mate might help Clinton convince these voters to give her a second look and consolidate her support among Democrats.

Gingrich wouldn’t be as good for Trump

By comparison, Newt Gingrich, a much­-discussed potential running­ mate for Trump, appeals to few voters not already leaning to Trump.

A majority of all registered voters (56%) rate Gingrich unfavorably, while only 36% rate him favorably. While his negatives are slightly lower, Gingrich’s 36% favorability rating exactly matches Trump’s favorability rating in SurveyMonkey’s tracking poll last week.gingrich_favorability

While Gingrich gets mostly positive ratings from Republicans and Republican­ leaning independents (62% favorable, 31% unfavorable), he offers Trump scant opportunities to gain support elsewhere. Gingrich’s numbers are net negative among non-leaning independents (28% favorable, 61% unfavorable) and voters currently undecided about the Trump ­Clinton race (22% favorable, 54% unfavorable).

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