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Get Ahead of Your Competitors with SurveyMonkey Benchmarks

Get Ahead of Your Competitors with SurveyMonkey Benchmarks

benchmark-blogimageRecently, we asked our employees to take an employee engagement survey, and we found that 88% of our employees agreed with the statement, “I get excited about going to work.”

That sounds pretty darn good, right? Maybe. In order to stay competitive when it comes to retaining and attracting top talent, we needed to know how our employee engagement results compared against others in the technology industry.

Turns out that we were in for some great news: Across our industry, the average is a much lower 57%. We’re clearly doing something right. But until we knew how we compared to the industry benchmarks, we didn’t know just how well we were doing.

Now we make it easy for you to see how you stack up against similar organizations, too. How? We’re excited to announce our new feature, SurveyMonkey Benchmarks, which shows you those industry average benchmarks alongside your own survey results.

How to see SurveyMonkey Benchmarks in your account

Using SurveyMonkey Benchmarks is extremely easy. The quickest way to get started is by using our benchmarkable survey templates. Right now we offer benchmarks for the SHRMF Employee Engagement Survey, Website Feedback Survey, Customer Satisfaction Survey, and for any survey using the Net Promoter® Score (NPS) question.

When you want to create a new survey, make sure to select Start from an Expert Template. You can see if SurveyMonkey Benchmarks are available for a particular template if there’s a Benchmarks icon in the top right-hand corner of the template description:


As always, these expert-certified survey templates are customizable: You can add your own questions to them as well as remove any questions you’re not interested in.

But please note: If you edit a question you want to benchmark, we can’t guarantee we can offer valid comparisons. So it’s better if you use the questions as-is.

After you collect your survey results, you’ll notice that you now have the option to show benchmarks when you go to the Analyze Results tab in your account. To see the average benchmark for free, add a profile to your account so your results get included (completely anonymously) as part of our benchmarks:


If you’d like to compare your results against more than just the SurveyMonkey Average, you can buy more specific benchmarks for comparison. We will also soon be offering benchmarks for many other templates from our Question Bank, which includes thousands of methodologically-sound survey questions.

See All of Our Available Benchmarks

We offer comparisons against different industries, sectors, and company sizes, as well as some custom groups and organizations.

Learn More

Once you have access to our benchmarks, you can see the benchmark for a question by clicking Show Benchmark:


After enabling the benchmark, you can see how your score compares to other organizations. And you’ll see each benchmark’s Distribution of Responses. In the NPS example below, this means you can see the percentage of Detractors, Passives, and Promoters that make up the NPS benchmark.


How SurveyMonkey Benchmarks works

The SurveyMonkey Benchmarks are generated by other SurveyMonkey users using the same Question Bank questions. To ensure complete privacy, we never include individual responses. Instead we anonymize and aggregate results so it’s impossible to tell who is actually in the benchmark.

If you opt in to SurveyMonkey Benchmarks, the only thing we use are the general characteristics of your organization, such as how many employees work there or which industry you’re in. (For example, you can participate in and purchase a benchmark for companies with 500 or more employees in the finance industry.)

We also require there to be at least 30 organizations per benchmark. You can read more about how we are protecting your privacy here.

Want to see how you compare? Get in touch with us about our available benchmarks –>

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Ever wonder what SurveyMonkey's really made of?

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