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Do Americans Care About Drones?

Do Americans Care About Drones?

How likely are you to buy a drone?Drones. Once only part of sci-fi films and futuristic worlds, drones are now on the rise…both literally and figuratively.

An increasing number of industries have begun to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones for more commercial pursuits. E-commerce giant, Amazon, has been working on the release of a delivery service using drones called Amazon Prime Air.

Domestic drone surveillance stories appear in the news far more frequently these days and of course, their use by militaries across the globe are now part of the international political landscape.

Drones have yet to become part of Americans’ daily lives, but that reality may not be too far off. With this in mind, we wanted to learn more about how people feel about the commercialization of this devices. Are drones being taken seriously? How many consumers actually own one of their own and for what purpose? With the help of SurveyMonkey Audience, we asked over 600 people to collect their opinions on this innovative technology. Our CEO, Dave Goldberg, sat down with Cory Johnson of Bloomberg West to share the results. See their interview here.

Check out the results below:

Personal drone ownership is low

  • Only 3% of respondents currently own any kind of commercial drone
  • The majority of consumers (83%) say they’re not likely to purchase one
  • Although consumers are hesitant to buy for personal reasons, 58% believe commercial usage will increase

What are drones good for?

  • For fun! Most consumers see them as a toy or form of entertainment (20%)
  • Surveillance drones come in second with 14% saying they’re most helpful in that regard
  • E-commerce and delivery drones come in third (7%)

Americans are concerned about potential risks

  • Nearly half are extremely or very concerned about potential privacy risks
  • 51% report feeling very concerned about safety risks involved
  • And 41% believe the government should have a lot of regulatory involvement

Want to see the full set of results that Dave shared? Visit our Slideshare page.

Interested in reaching your own respondents? Visit SurveyMonkey Audience to get started today!

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