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The Top Consumer Review Sites That’ll Make or Break Your Business

The Top Consumer Review Sites That’ll Make or Break Your Business

Jan_trends_trackerSo many consumer review sites, so little time to respond to negative (and positive!) reviews of your product or service. Where will your efforts help your brand the most?

SurveyMonkey Audience teamed up with Blueshift Research, an investment research firm, to deliver another report tracking monthly consumer trends affecting the marketplace.

For this month’s consumer trends survey, we surveyed 1,080 US consumers on 20 topics, including voting, home buying, technology, TV services, and drug laws.

So, what did the report uncover this month? Here’s a sneak peek.

Survey says: Which review sites do consumers trust most?

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 11.05.12 AM

Although consumers are still inclined to believe reviews on Google more than on Yelp or Angie’s List, trust in Yelp is on the rise, while awareness of Google reviews has dropped 4% just in the past month.

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Consumers primarily trust Google for online consumer reviews of merchants, but we saw a 4% drop in mentions of Google from the previous month. Plus, the number of respondents who trust Yelp rose 3% compared with last month, but trust in Angie’s List decreased nearly 1%. Younger respondents use both Google and Yelp, while their older counterparts use Angie’s List and Facebook.

Our January 2015 Trends Tracker of many more surprising consumer trends from gaming consoles and wireless carriers to wearable tech.

Check out the free report here to get in-depth analysis on more trends affecting issues like voting behavior, home buying, drug laws, technology usage, and more!

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