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INFOGRAPHIC: This Year’s Hottest Thanksgiving Menu Dishes

INFOGRAPHIC: This Year’s Hottest Thanksgiving Menu Dishes

Happy ThanksgivingIt’s time to dig out those pants again. You know which ones we’re talking about—your eating pants.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, not only are we counting our many blessings from the year, we’re also thinking about turkey. Pumpkin pie. Stuffing. Cranberry sauce. Sweet potatoes. Oh, and did we mention pie?

Now that we’ve set the mood properly here, get ready to be served up some delicious data on all things Thanksgiving.

We surveyed more than 400 Americans using SurveyMonkey Audience—a dynamic online tool that targets specific demographics—because we wanted to know: What’s on Americans’ Thanksgiving menu this year?

And since we monkeys aren’t shy about going up for seconds (or thirds) when it comes to collecting data, we also asked people their opinions on a few common food and diet trends and lifestyle choices. What’s the most common reason for people opting to eat meat-free? Paleo vs. a gluten-free diet—which one is a fad and which ones are here to stay?

So pull up a chair, loosen that belt, and let’s dig into the data.

Will you be celebrating Thanksgiving?

Probably not all that surprising to see how many are officially celebrating. Because who doesn’t love to eat, cook, and make merry with friends and family?

And just for kicks, we applied filters to look at specific areas of the country. Although turkey is pretty much on everyone’s Thanksgiving menu everywhere, when it comes to the Midwest? Stuffing is #1. We also learned that spirits and alcohol aren’t too popular on the Thanksgiving menu except for those who hail from New England. Cheers!

How many pieces of pie do you eat?

Speaking for ourselves, we think the sweet stuff is one of the best parts of any Thanksgiving meal, but it’s encouraging to know that people are planning to show some restraint. Whether it’s out of the desire to eat healthier or, maybe pie just isn’t for everyone. That’s for another survey, another time.

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And speaking of healthy eating habits, once the holidays are over and the eating pants have been stowed away until next year—what will people be going back to eating and/or what diet trends are hot?

Which of these diets are a fad?

Sorry, all you modern day cavemen and cavewomen. According to our data, eating like our ancestors won’t last. And although grocery store shelves are no stranger lately to foodstuffs with the “gluten-free!” label, our respondents believe all things gluten-free will go the way of the cavemen too.

Inspired to start your own research project? Create a survey or choose from millions of people ready to give you answers. And before we send you off for the weekend, we leave you with yet another beautiful holiday-centric infographic of our delicious data. Don’t forget to visit our Slideshare page for the full set of results too!

Hottest Thanksgiving Dishes 2014

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