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3 Ways Our Sample Survey Questions Can Help You Write Better Surveys

3 Ways Our Sample Survey Questions Can Help You Write Better Surveys

thinkingHere at SurveyMonkey, we’re interested in making your life easier. Work smarter, not harder is a basic tenet of our simian existence.

And when it comes to writing good survey questions, starting from scratch may not be right for you. There’s an art to writing survey questions the right way—so you get data you can count on.

That’s why our survey experts have written thousands of sample survey questions you can find in our Question Bank.

So whether you’re trying to get your Net Promoter® Score to measure customer loyalty or need the perfect customer satisfaction question example for your survey, we’ve got you covered.

Excited? We are too! Here are 3 reasons why we love Question Bank—and how to take advantage of our sample survey questions!

1. It’s super easy

First thing’s first: Where can you find Question Bank? Once you’ve decided to create a new survey (or use one of our existing templates), you’ll find yourself in Design. Next, look to the accordion-style menu on the left, and click Question Bank.

You’ll be presented with a list of categories to choose from. Simply drag and drop the question into the design page, and you’ve just added a pre written survey question to your survey!


Already in the process of creating your own questions? Well we’ve made these questions accessible from the question creation window as well! When the Show Suggested Questions option is checked, a list of questions will pop up based on what you’re typing.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 12.43.51 PM

 2. We find the experts so you don’t have to

Imagine you could hire a brilliant methodologist to design your surveys and make sure you’re always getting great results. Well, you could—but why spend all that time and money when we’ve done the work for you?! Everyone deserves access to this quality of survey making, so our survey research experts designed this whole vault of awesome data-happy questions to have at your fingertips.

So how can you best leverage these questions? Let’s say you’re trying to survey men who are between 18-35 on which breakfast cereals they’d buy. You may already be a pro at setting up market research surveys, but with a quick addition of some of our sample marketing survey questions, you won’t have to worry about leading questions, how many answer choices are best, or exactly which question type you should use. Since each of these questions are expert-certified, you can rest assured that you’ll get the market segmentation data you’re looking for, leading you to target market analysis bliss.

Market Research Made Easy

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The cherry on top—if you use our NPS or employee engagement, you can unlock SurveyMonkey Benchmarks, which help you compare the data you collect with the data from other organizations—so you get context for your results.

3. We’re all about variety

With 13 different categories to choose from and hundreds of questions, there’s something right for everyone in Question Bank. Are you a healthcare organization trying to gauge how active your clients are? We’ve got questions for you. Are you performing academic research at your university or measuring student satisfaction? You guessed it—we’ve got your back!

Not sure where you fall exactly? No problem. You can search Question Bank at any time to drill in and find the questions you’re looking for. We also guide you through how to customize the question while still staying expert-certified by giving you easy, clickable sections that you can update to fit your branding needs.



If you’re not in love yet, get testing! Our Question Bank is an invaluable tool to get accurate feedback that will help your company better share your product, message, and brand. Your future data will thank you.

How do you use Question Bank? Got any burning questions for us? We’d love to answer them—so give us a shout in the Comments below!

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Ever wonder what SurveyMonkey's really made of?

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