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The Cloud is King at Dreamforce

The Cloud is King at Dreamforce

smdf14The cloud is forever king at Dreamforce, but today the spotlight shifted to data: how to think about it, how to get it, and how to use it to build stronger customer relationships and better businesses.

Welcome to Day 3 of a packed Dreamforce conference, featuring a SurveyMonkey content session, “Build Your Own Big Data.” We were joined by three great customers—Liftopia, Samsung, and Enservio to tell their SurveyMonkey and Salesforce stories.

But the first order of business was to break down the jargon of “big data.” When people talk about big data they overwhelmingly mean “implicit” data—those gathered about us when we buy stuff, pick up the phone, or type out a blog post. But there’s another kind of data that can now be accumulated at scale: “explicit” data such as direct feedback from customers, employees, and others whose input is critical to a real understanding of what’s going on in our businesses.

It’s the combination of these two data streams that’s so powerful, and the SurveyMonkey Salesforce integration we showcased today aims squarely at making it easy for customers to elevate data into action.

For Joseph Bracken, VP of Product Management at Enservio, breaking down the silos of SurveyMonkey and Salesforce data opens up tremendous opportunities to deliver on their promise to “wow our customers.”

In Liftopia’s case, CEO Evan Reece says the new integration—coupled with an innovative approach to NPS—means that survey data is available when business decisions need to be made and not only when you have a perfect questionnaire or already allocated budget.

Jeff Cooper, Senior Business Development at Samsung, cast his gaze toward the increasingly near future for the company, describing the many powerful ways to integrate surveys and data gleaned from wearable devices.

As a survey researcher too often contained to questions of who is up and who is down in elections, it was exciting to see the powerful use cases for leveraging explicit data into the sales workflow. Got more to share? We’re all ears @surveymonkey.

Back to Dreamforce…

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