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Congrats! You’re a SurveyMonkey Enterprise Admin…Now What?

Congrats! You’re a SurveyMonkey Enterprise Admin…Now What?

In the Driver's SeatSo you’ve jumped on board to SurveyMonkey Enterprise as the Enterprise Primary Admin—welcome and congrats! Get ready to start collecting high quality data on a whole new level.

But before you jump in, what does it mean exactly to be an Enterprise Primary Admin? What steps do you need to take and how can you optimize the entire experience for your users?

As a Primary Admin, you’re able to manage your Enterprise Group’s users, make those users general admins, and pay for all of your users under one unified billing command center. In other words, you’re in the driver’s seat.

In order to get started, our awesome team of monkeys has put together some great getting-started resources that can be found in our very own Help Center.

Below are just a few quick tips to help get your motor running:

      • Best Practices for Setting Up Your Enterprise Group. This great guide covers user management, appointing additional admins, and provides more information on how to help your users get started.
      • Inviting Users to Join Your Group. These step-by-step instructions allow new users and existing users to join your group without losing any previous surveys or content.
      • Billing Details for your Enterprise Group. You are able to update and view your billing details at any time within your group. If you need to make any major changes, feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact Support.
      • SurveyMonkey Enterprise Support. Did you know that as an Enterprise customer you and your users get access to our team of Enterprise Support Monkeys via telephone from 2am-8pm EST and via email 24/7? Just submit a request in the link above, and our team will get back to you shortly!

      Do a Better Job with SurveyMonkey Enterprise

      Get the answers your organization needs to make even smarter decisions. Access our most powerful tools with SurveyMonkey Enterprise.

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      In addition to the great resources above, as the Primary Admin for your Enterprise Group, you also have access to our global Customer Success Manager (CSM) team. As CSMs, it’s our duty to help strategize with you on any upcoming survey campaigns, answer billing-related questions, help you with adding additional users, and keep you up-to-date on upcoming product enhancements. Stay tuned to the blog for more updates to come on all things Enterprise.

      In the meantime, rev those survey engines and get on your way to better decisions today.

      Questions for Ashley or need more info on SurveyMonkey Enterprise? Let us know in the Comments section below!

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Ever wonder what SurveyMonkey's really made of?

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