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Welcome, FluidSurveys and FluidReview!

Welcome, FluidSurveys and FluidReview!

sm_plus_fluid_350px[1]The SurveyMonkey family is growing! Please join me in welcoming our newest member—Fluidware, a leading Canadian provider of online survey and application review tools.

Our mission at SurveyMonkey is to help you make better decisions with data. We’re excited to have Fluidware’s two innovative data tools join our suite of products because it brings us closer to this goal.

FluidSurveys allows for fully-customized surveys with deep functionality. It’s incredibly complementary to SurveyMonkey’s core survey platform. The addition of FluidSurveys only means great things for our customers. From multi-lingual surveys to offline data collection, you’ll get some of the advanced capabilities you wanted, faster.

FluidReview is a workflow management tool that makes it easy to collect, manage and review data. Currently, many higher education institutions are using it for online applications and submissions – like scholarship management, grant applications, fellowships and calls for proposals.

We believe that there are many customers – beyond education – that can benefit from FluidReview. We plan to invest in and expand the product’s technical functionalities to help a broader, more diverse set of customers.

We are thrilled to have Fluidware on board. To all of their customers—welcome! Our dedication in providing you with cutting edge features, excellent customer support and a seamless user experience won’t change. So, it’s business as usual. Visit the FluidSurveys and FluidReview blogs to stay up to date. You can read more about today’s announcement here or reach out to our Customer Engagement team.

Feel free to leave the team questions in the Comments section below. Happy Surveying, everyone.

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  • John

    Does that mean I can now have my SurveyMonkey surveys hosted in Canada?

    • KTsurveymonkey

      Hi John,

      Good question. This is actually only applicable to existing FluidSurvey users. SurveyMonkey servers still reside in the US.


  • We’re all very excited to join the SurveyMonkey family and even more excited about all the great things that we’ll be able to do together – the future is very bright for our customers! :)

    Aydin (Co-founder, Fluidware)

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