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How Do People Use Twitter?

How Do People Use Twitter?

Have you heard of Twitter?Hear that chirping? That’s not the sound of birds you’re hearing today but hundreds, thousands, millions of tweets heard ’round the world. Twitter—the online social networking and microblogging service—announces their second quarter company earnings today. One of the interesting metrics that tech investors and users alike want to hear about have to do with how many active users Twitter has monthly.

Being naturally curious and into all things tech ourselves, we wanted to learn more about the popular social networking site’s users. Using SurveyMonkey Audience—a powerful tool aimed at targeting specific demographics—we asked over 1,000 people how they use Twitter, how often and more. Our CEO, Dave Goldberg, sat down with Emily Chang of Bloomberg West to talk about what we found out.

Here’s our breakdown of the survey results—and psst, don’t forget to tweet out the data to your followers (@SurveyMonkey)! Click here for Dave’s full interview.

Twitter awareness is high but not usage.

  • Most everyone has heard of Twitter. A whopping 98% of respondents have heard of the social networking giant.
  • While awareness is high, adoption is not. Over a third say they have accounts and for those aged 18-29, that number jumps to 45%.
  •  27% of people say they don’t find Twitter useful (ouch). And if they don’t currently have a Twitter account, they likely never will.

 People follow friends and family the most.

  • Nearly 60% of Twitter users follow their friends and family over companies and brands.
  • News outlets are next at 42% and celebrity Twitter handles come in last. Sorry, Ashton Kutcher.
  • Even though most people say they don’t follow brands all that much, the majority still expect them to have some kind of a Twitter presence.

 Ads on Twitter aren’t a big deal.

  • The little blue bird is either good at subtlety or its users are oblivious to their ads. 33% say they’ve never noticed ads or sponsored content by Twitter.
  • Nearly 40% notice paid ads and content “occasionally.”
  • Verdict is split on social ad “annoyance” with 31% reporting none at all and 35% saying they’re bothered only moderately.

Interested in seeing our full set of results on Twitter? Head over to our Slideshare page.

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