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How to Master the Art of Customized Shared Reports

How to Master the Art of Customized Shared Reports

So you’ve mastered the art of hiding and combining answer choices and editing chart labels, and sharing your data—high-five! Now what about taking your mastery to the next level and combining all of these functions into multiple shared reports?

Here’s what we mean. Say you’ve hosted an event and would like to share the feedback from the event’s attendees with company teams in two different markets. To share with both teams, you’ll want to make a copy of the results available in both English and Spanish. Since the original survey was set up in English, you can first create a Shared Responses View specific to the original data for the English Version.


Once you’ve created a share responses view of the original version, you’ll be able to then re-visit the Analyze Results page to edit the answer choice labels and create a new Spanish view. After editing the labels, it’ll be as easy as pie to create a new Share Responses link to send to your Spanish speaking team.

As a quick reminder, you can customize the charts that you view on the Analyze page at any time by clicking on the Customize button next to a specific chart. The answer choices labels will live on the fourth tab over where you can easily customize them for a new view.

Once you’ve clicked to Customize the chart, this is what you’ll see.


After entering the Spanish translations for those answer choices and the question text, click Save and this will update the view on the Analyze page. We’re then ready to create the Spanish version of the Share Responses link. Any changes that have been made to the view on the Analyze page will reflect in the new Share Response view that we create.

Take a peek at the second Share Responses view that shows the same response data translated for the Spanish team.


There you have it, folks. You can also apply these same steps to create different views for all kinds of different groups. This makes sharing customized results with multiple audiences nice ‘n easy.

Any questions on how this works? Let Hannah know in the Comments section below and don’t forget–we’ve got tons of answers for you over at our Help Center.

  • i don’t know how to do it

    • KTsurveymonkey

      Hi there, Ibrahim!

      Here’s a step by step article that may help. Also, please remember this is a paid feature!

  • sorry I don’t speak english I speake french

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