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Lost in Transition? Shifting Viewpoints in the Japanese Workforce

Lost in Transition? Shifting Viewpoints in the Japanese Workforce

Jon Cohen at CloudBrite 2014Go for the sushi or sukiyaki. Or if you’re like us, go for the love of surveys! Our very own VP of Survey Research, Jon Cohen, went to Japan to speak at CloudBrite 2014. Jon ran a SurveyMonkey Audience survey to hear the opinions of the Japanese workforce regarding job satisfaction and outlook. He shared the survey results with conference attendees, and we’re sharing the highlights with you.

Does hard work pay off?

Japan’s reputation of an overworked culture has eased up in recent years, but does that mean the Japanese feel better about the effort they’re putting in?

Unfortunately not. After more than two decades of an economic stall, the Japanese find themselves at a low point.


Is Japan still innovative?

While Japan was once famous for its cars and electronics, sentiments are changing—especially with the younger workforce.

69% vs. 46%

Company operations: Thumbs up or down?

Yet again, the young are less optimistic, this time about having well-run companies in Japan.

30% vs. 46%

Company loyalty, does it exist?

Once the status quo in Japan, sticking with the same company until retirement is significantly lower for those under 40. Only about 1 in 4 report their willingness to be loyal towards their current employer.


Here to save the day: Collaborators!

Not all is doom and gloom. Jon’s survey data uncovered a group of workers that are happier than the average Japanese worker. And it doesn’t have to do with age or gender—it’s about work style.

Meet the Collaborators, a minor but optimistic group:

20% vs. 7%

Collaborators are more positive about their job, company, and outlook on Japan.

65% v. 54%Technology helps collaboration

Technology, like smart phones, can help support collaboration by making people more productive.


67% vs. 56%

*Domo arigato gozaimasu.

*Thank you very much! Questions, comments for us? You know where to go.

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