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What Are the Best Father’s Day Gifts? DIY Dads Say You Can’t Buy Their Love

What Are the Best Father’s Day Gifts? DIY Dads Say You Can’t Buy Their Love

Looking for Father’s Day gift ideas? While dad will love whatever you give him (even if it’s a tie), Home Advisor teamed up with SurveyMonkey to find out what dads think are the best Father’s Day gifts. The verdict? Rather than go off your gift list for dad, help him tackle his to-do list. Yep, dad wants nothing more than the gift of a completed home improvement project. Window cleaning? Interior painting? Pressure washing? Now that’s love.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • One third of dads would gladly forego a new tie for a completed home improvement project. (Tweet this.)
  • 85% of dads have a home improvement to-do list. (Tweet this.)
  • 56% of dads say their kids aren’t helping to tackle the home improvement list. (Tweet this.)
  • The top projects dads would like as a Father’s Day gift: interior painting, window washing, and pressure washing. (Tweet this.)

Father's Day

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  • Regardless of what you may want to get your father, include a list. There’s nothing that can be of greater value than a simple list of why you appreciate him. Men tend to see things more in terms of accomplishments and whether anyone notices. Design two copies, with one being small enough to put in his wallet.
    Lauren Mcguire

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