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Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts: Who Values Their Values?

Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts: Who Values Their Values?

Though the century-old Boy and Girl Scouts organizations have stood the test of time, have their “values” done the same? The FiveThirtyEight site used SurveyMonkey Audience to find out how the public at large feels about the statements of values listed in the official Scouts Law for each group. Here’s what they found out.

  • People ranked trustworthiness and honesty as the top Scouts values. (Tweet this.)

  • Cheerful, brave, obedient, thrifty and reverent were considered the least important Scouts values. (Tweet this.)

  • Girl Scouts values were ranked higher than Boy Scouts values 90 percent to 83 percent overall. (Tweet this.)

  • Men ranked Girl Scout values over Boy Scout values 89 percent to 82 percent. (Tweet this.)

See the full report here.

Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts

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