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It’s Fargo: Someone’s Gonna Die, Don’tcha Know?

It’s Fargo: Someone’s Gonna Die, Don’tcha Know?

“The Six Ungraspables,” episode 6 of the FX Network’s breakthrough series, Fargo, debuts on the small screen tonight and the folks at fansite FXFargo used SurveyMonkey to hear what fans think about which of the Minnekotans there will get frostbit–and, you know, expire.

  • 25% percent of survey respondents think supermarket sultan Stavros Milos will lapse like an expired coupon, while another 17% think his brother, Dmitri, will get the deep freeze. (Tweet this.)
  • Only 7% think that poor, ever-apologetic Lester Nygaard will cash in on his own life insurance policy. Why, just because he’s in jail? Like no one ever died in jail. (Tweet this.)
  • Another 7% think someone will execute a contract on one of the hit men, Mr. Numbers or Mr. Wrench. (Tweet this.)
  • 16% voted that no one will die. Really? That’s nice. Real nice. Real Minnesota nice. (Tweet this.)

Who do you think’s gonna get it next? Let us know in the Comments below!


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