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Are Mice Still Clicking With You?

Are Mice Still Clicking With You?

A new survey found that the shift to mobile computing might be making the once-essential computer mouse not-so-essential anymore. The Atlantic Monthly ran a SurveyMonkey survey to find that, while a majority of people used a mouse the day they took the survey, more than a third had not. Here’s what else they found:

      • 76% of respondents used a computer mouse the day they took the survey or within the last week. (Tweet this.)

      • 23% either haven’t used a computer mouse in 6 months or can’t remember the last time they used one. (Tweet this.)

      • Regular computer mouse users are slightly younger than those who use a mouse less frequently. (Tweet this.)

      • Most people who use computer mice use them at work. (Tweet this.)

Check out the full story here.


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