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The State of the Midwest Is Anybody’s Guess

The State of the Midwest Is Anybody’s Guess

Illinois is in the Midwest, right? Uh, maybe not. It turns out that most self-avowed Midwesterners are not entirely on the same page when it comes to identifying the so-called Midwestern states. FiveThirtyEight’s DataLab used SurveyMonkey Audience to ask Midwesterners which states they think make up the Midwest. Here’s some of what they found:

  • Only 80% of Midwesterners think Illinois is part of the Midwest. (Tweet this.)

  • Most Minnesotans believe they are the heart of the Midwest, while most residents of Indiana believe they are. (Tweet this.)

  • 70% of Midwesterners believe Indiana, Illinois and Iowa make up the core Midwest. (Tweet this.)

  • 60% of Midwesterners believe Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota are the core Midwest. (Tweet this.)

Check out the full story here.


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