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How to Remind Survey Respondents with the Email Invitation Collector

How to Remind Survey Respondents with the Email Invitation Collector

So there you are…It’s Monday morning. Coffee’s in hand, computer’s fired up. You excitedly open up your SurveyMonkey account to view the responses that have filled up your Analyze page over the weekend. You’re thinking–since you sent the survey out on Friday, people surely had plenty of time to answer it over the weekend, right? Well, much to your dismay, you find that you’ve received a mere handful of responses. How could this be?!

Remind respondentsThen…coffee kicks in. It was the weekend! And what do people like to do on the weekends? Generally avoid email so they can take advantage of, you know, the weekend. As a result, there’s a good chance that if you sent folks an email asking them to take your survey, they just may have missed it. What can you do? So you don’t want to pester people who may have already taken the survey, but you definitely want to nudge those who may have missed it.

Good news! Since this survey was sent out with our trusty Email Invitation collector, sending a reminder out to folks who haven’t taken the survey yet is easy-peasy. The Email Invitation automatically tracks who has and hasn’t responded. This way, those respondents who were so fervent in checking their email over the weekend won’t be sent the survey again. Now, let’s dive it and see how to do this.

1. Start by visiting the Collect Responses tab for your survey. You will then click on the Email Invitation collector from the list of Collectors.


2. Click on the View Messages button from the Message Summary page.


3. Click on the Create New Message button to create a reminder message from the Message Manager page.


4. Select the Not Responded option. This will send a reminder message to anyone who hasn’t received the message. You’ll see here that there are 2 potential recipients. Next, click on Save and Continue.


5. Lastly, enter a subject for your reminder message, and edit the email message, if need be. You can now choose to Save & Continue or choose to save the reminder message and resume it later.


You’re now all set to give your employees a polite little email poke to answer your survey. And guess what? Monday is the most popular day to receive responses, so you should see those responses rolling in in no time. Happy surveying!

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  • Chrishantha Goonathillaka


    • KTsurveymonkey

      Glad you found this useful, Chrishantha! Thanks for reading :)

  • Ian Butcher

    Is it possible to send reminders to not completed and partially completed at the same time.

    • KTsurveymonkey

      Great question, Ian! The reminder will go out to any respondent who has not clicked the “Done” button. This means partial, and not started!

  • Gabriel Curelariu

    like very much

  • agroster

    I have slowly been adding email addresses to a targeted survey and sending out the invites over time. Therefore, some people received the survey invite one month ago, some three weeks ago, some three days ago. When sending out reminders, i only want to send it to a sub-set of non-responders (for example, i send out a reminder one week after sending out the invitation – i don’t want those who haven’t responded after one month to be constantly inundated with fresh reminders). Is there a way to send reminders to just a subset of recipients?

    • KTsurveymonkey

      That’s a really great question. You can do this, however you will need to manually enter the email addresses into the “Custom Criteria” option when creating the messages. Sadly there there is not a way to filter this out via the collector. However, if you create a separate collector for each date in the future, you can simply send out the reminders per collector.

      Here’s more on sending to specific respondents:

  • Georgina Gordon

    Hiya – this has been really useful, thanks! Is there a way you can send 1 reminder email to a number of collectors in the same survey. I have about 10 collectors in one of my surveys and i would like to send a reminder to 9 of them. Its very time consuming to send them out individually given i have about 10 surveys i need to do this for….is there a way?

    • KTsurveymonkey

      So glad that was helpful, Georgina! While we can definitely see how sending a number of reminders at once for all 10 of your collectors would be super convenient, I’m afraid it’s not a feature that’s currently available. The reason for this being is mostly that each of these collectors have different recipient lists and settings that are very specific to them. We also queue the messages in 5min interval to keep them sending steady for all users. Therefore our system can’t push them at once at this time.

      I do think it’s a clever idea, and will be sure to pass it on to our devs and see if perhaps we can implement this somewhere down the line! In the meantime, happy surveying Georgina :)

  • John Stroube

    This method of sending no longer seems available.

  • Jacob

    I want to send reoccurring emails to all recipients because of the surveying allowing multiple responses. (A new reminder every time another response is needed). Is it possible to set up a schedule to do that?

  • Kristi Sun

    Can we send out a text reminder through SurveyMonkey?

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