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Infographic: Are People Taking Your Customer Feedback Surveys Seriously?

Infographic: Are People Taking Your Customer Feedback Surveys Seriously?

Most people say they’ve been asked to take a customer feedback survey–but are they actually completing them? Using SurveyMonkey Audience, we asked more than 400 people to tell us when, how, and why they’re taking your customer feedback surveys. And it looks like customers are willing to take your feedback surveys if you’re considerate of their time and effort. Here’s just some of what we found:

  • Of the 89% who receive customer feedback surveys, 67% say they complete at least half of them or more. (Tweet this.)
  • 45% of people say they’ll spend 5 minutes, tops, on your feedback survey. 33% will give you 10 minutes. (Tweet this.)
  • 98% of customers say the customer feedback survey responses they give are extremely or very accurate. (Tweet this.)
  • 40% of customers think companies pay only a moderate amount of attention to their feedback. (Tweet this.)

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