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What’s the State of the Smartphone?

What’s the State of the Smartphone?

Galaxy S5Our main monkey, Dave Goldberg, stopped by Bloomberg West to chat with Emily Chang about his recent trip to Barcelona for this year’s Mobile World Congress and talk about the state of the latest smartphones.

Specifically, what features and which phones on the market are consumers excited about? Is Samsung’s announcement of the upcoming Galaxy S5 the next hot item? How’s Apple’s iPhone 5c faring? Using SurveyMonkey Audience–our product that lets you target surveys to specific demographics–we surveyed over 700 people to get their thoughts.

Check out our data breakdown below and catch the full interview with Emily here.

Samsung’s Galaxy is outranking Apple’s iPhone line but people are waiting to upgrade their Samsungs.

  • 17% of respondents own a Galaxy vs. less than 10% for the iPhone 5c. 13% are iPhone 5s owners.
  • More than half of Galaxy owners aren’t likely to upgrade to the 5s because the features aren’t quite compelling enough.
  • Nearly a third say that the phone’s design is the main deciding factor with regards to purchasing.

Is the iPhone 5c dead?

  • Sorry, Apple fans. The 5c hasn’t caught on with consumers. 91% of people report that they don’t own it and well over half (64%) aren’t likely to.
  • Apple’s functionality and design aesthetic is still important to smartphone owners however with 47% saying they’d switch for the OS.
  • 51% just don’t need a new smartphone right now and are keeping their wallets in pockets for now.

And the iPhone 5s?

  • Same story as the 5c. The vast majority (91%) aren’t likely to buy Apple’s more expensive and feature-laden model.
  • Design is the winner once more with half citing this as the main reason to buy one, if they were in the market for it.
  • People are still happy with their current phones. 52% also report simply not needing a new one right now.

What ARE people excited to see?

  • Longer life. Battery life, that is. Nearly half are “extremely likely” to pay more for an iPhone that has longer battery life.
  • Google Glass? Forget it. It’s all about the smartwatch right now according to respondents.
  • 67% don’t have time to check their smartphones for urgent messages. Folks would rather check their wrists than their phones.
  • Heads-up, Apple–nearly half of people would buy one of their smartphone (that doesn’t exist yet) vs. 39% who would buy a Galaxy Gear.

For the full set of our survey results, click over to our Slideshare page.

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