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How Much Do Men & Women Spend on Valentine’s Day?

How Much Do Men & Women Spend on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is about being together, but our survey of 300+ Americans showed some real differences between how much men and women spend on Valentine’s day. We found people who love showing off their romantic side, people who prefer a greeting card, and people who say bah-humbug to the whole affair. Here are a few of our more interesting findings:

  •  72% of people who have a significant other are celebrating Valentine’s Day this year. (Tweet this.)
  •  Men expect to receive gifts totaling $5 while women expect $50. (Tweet this.)
  •  47% of men don’t expect their significant others to buy them anything for Valentine’s Day.” (Tweet this.)
  •  Only 60% of couples with kids at home have Valentine’s Day plans. (Tweet this.)

Check out our full writeup here.

Valentine's Day


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  • Emily James-Garraway

    Waiting for a comment to try to justify this using evolutionary theory… Give it a break. You campaigned so much for equal pay. Now purchase for each other equally!

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