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Will On-demand Ridesharing Services Replace the Taxi?

Will On-demand Ridesharing Services Replace the Taxi?

Taxi! Not so fast“Taxi!” Remember when this was the easiest way (sometimes anyway) to get a quick ride in a busy city? Well, give those vocal cords a rest and whip those smartphones out because taxi cabs aren’t your only options anymore. On-demand ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft, are changing the way people travel.

Hailing a ride from either of these companies is just a smartphone tap away. The popularity of ridesharing is on the rise as well as turning out to be a profitable venture. Just this past summer it was confirmed that Uber had raised $258 million dollars from high profile investors, including Google Ventures.

We wanted to see what kind of impact these new players in the market are having on the transportation choices that riders are making. With SurveyMonkey Audience, we targeted our survey to adult smartphone users in the New York and San Francisco areas to see how ridesharing services are faring (pun intended) in comparison to traditional taxis.

Here’s what we learned.

So, which car services are people using?

Cab drivers can rest easy. For now. Traditional taxis are still maintaining their stronghold with 88% of riders using them. However, Uber captured about 13%, making it the most significant ridesharing application.

What car services do you use?

What factors are most important to customers?

We asked people to rank price, convenience, reliability and familiarity with the brand. Price was the most important factor to 42% of the respondents and familiarity with brand was not a major factor for the majority of the customers surveyed. When asked what factors made a ride memorable, “driver”, was mentioned an impressive 48 times.

What factors are important?

Do people have ridesharing applications on their phone?

A barrier for ridesharing services may be that many people don’t have their applications ready to go on their phones.

Do you have a mobile app for a ridesharing service?

Overall, it looks like hailing taxis won’t be replaced with smartphone apps just yet. Based on our results however, we can confidently say that these ridesharing services have a very healthy customer base and that they’re focusing on the right factors–price, convenience, reliability and more. We’re looking forward to what the transportation future brings us!

How do you like to get a ride? And don’t forget, to start your own targeted survey project, head over to SurveyMonkey Audience today. 

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  • currydude99

    this is great. the trend line certainly looks positive for services such as uber/lyft – has the team performed any research understand usage habits by demographic profile? income-level? race? My instinct tells me that the ride-sharing phenomena is still centered within affluent urban areas.

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